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We have VIP Packages for every Tanning Level leading all the way up to our Extreme Package for the advanced tanner.

Enroll in a VIP Membership Club today and receive discounts on tanning products, lotions, tanning sessions, and much more.

With up to 7 Levels of tanning, no one gives you more free tanning or more choices than Sun City Super Tans. Come into any of our locations and sign up today!

Knowing your skin type before you begin tanning will help you determine the recommended
amount of time you should be out in the sun, the level of sunscreen you should use or the
recommended amount of time you should be in the tanning bed. Find out your skin type now!

Skin Type I: Genetically unable to develop a tan ~ Always burn
Skin Type II: Extremely low tolerance to UVR ~ Tan minimally
Skin Type III: Low/Normal tolerance to UVR ~ Tan gradually
Skin Type IV: High tolerance to UVR ~ Tans Easily
Skin Type V: Skin is brown and is very tolerant to UVR ~ Tans easily and substantially
Skin Type VI: Skin is black and extremely UVR tolerant ~
Burns only with severe exposure

Know how your skin tans. The tanning process is a series of simple steps that your skin
goes through when exposed to ultraviolet light. For maximum results ALWAYS apply a
specially formulated indoor tanning lotion. When tanning outdoors be sure to use a lotion
with SPF.
UV light either from a tanning bed or from the sun comes into contact with your
skin. Just below the surface of your skin are specific cells called melanocytes. These
melanocytes are stimulated with the presence of ultraviolet light to produce a pigment
called melanin.
This melanin starts its way to the surface of your skin, where it combines
with oxygen and turns a brownish color that we all know and love as a tan.


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